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Worked perfectly for our car!

"This is an awesome invention by a mom. My 8 year old read the directions and installed it herself with very little assistant. My son buckles himself with it now and it's super easy because he doesn't have to look for the buckle. We have a 1997 Lexus and it worked!!! I highly recommend this product!!! Mon inventor is a genius." ~"Yoga Mom", Amazon

Help for Buckling

"This product is a huge help for my son. It holds the seatbelt latch stationary so he can buckle himself." ~Kelly Ellison, Amazon

Wouldn't be without MyBuckleMate

"Finally...these holders make fastening the seat belt so much easier. I can't imagine what it was like before these holders. This product is especially good for those of us with arthritis and other like challenges. It may look funny but they sure do work. Great for us seniors." ~Mare, Amazon

Wonderful Product

"My five year old was struggling to buckle himself because the buckle was not stable. Adding this made it possible for him to buckle himself. This was important to me especially because I have three children in car seats and my five year old in a booster seat. Getting in the car can be quite an ordeal for our family." ~Mama, Amazon

Wow! These are great!

"I wish that I had known these existed years ago! I have floppy seat belt buckles in my back seat, which makes it difficult for my children to buckle seat belts, especially around their booster seats. I put these in my car (quickly and easily- they just snap around the buckle) and now even my 4 year old, who just graduated to a high-back booster can properly buckle his own seat belt. These are a huge time saver and they really help when you have "I want to do it all by myself" kids like I do." ~Melody Anne Pickering, Amazon